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Solar Powered Off-Grid Systems

The working principle of off-grid solar systems is based on the principle that the solar charger charges the batteries using the energy obtained from photovoltaic solar panels. This energy obtained can then be used to meet lighting and other energy needs. The main components of the system are solar panels, energy storage batteries and solar charger.

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Solar Powered Off-Grid Lighting Systems

Off-grid solar lighting systems are an off-grid solar system application created to meet indoor and outdoor lighting needs without grid infrastructure and billing costs.

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Solar Hybrid Systems

Hybrid solar lighting systems, hybrid solar lighting systems are created by integrating the solar system into the lighting system that works with the existing grid infrastructure. During the daytime, the batteries are charged with the energy obtained from the panels. In the evening, it continues to work from batteries as long as the batteries are sufficient. It is covered from the open network, which occurs when the batteries cannot be charged enough or due to the decrease in battery capacity over time.